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Donate now to be a part of the movement for good and help us as we give hope to at-risk children, teens, families and elderly!"

Your Contribution goes a long way


$150/month provides water access for 200 at-risk children

$450/month train a young, female Honduran leader in job skills

$500/month provides parenting skills for 150 underserved parents through our “School for Parents” Program

 $900/month helps victims of crime and abuse through our Trauma Counseling & Mental Health Care for 150 families

$200 feeds 200 hungry children for a day

$1000 feeds 200 children for a week

$4000 feeds 200 children for a month

Your financial gift goes farther with Casa de Luz because we keep our overhead small, our administrative costs minimal, our organization at a grass-roots level and our spending focus on the children, teens and families who are in the most need.

A Sacred Opportunity

"As with any challenge or difficulty, we have a CHOICE as to how we are going to respond to Covid-19.  While many, myself included, have used the term "crisis" to describe the moment at hand, I have come to believe that God has called us to a time of SACRED OPPORTUNITY rather than to crisis and chaos.  We are being invited by our merciful and trustworthy God to seize the opportunity to strengthen our families, do good to others, pray without ceasing and to join God where He is busy at work changing lives because eternity matters."


-Valerie Schubert

In this time of financial upheaval and abrupt loss of income children and families living in poverty enter into even more precarious life situations where hunger becomes an hourly concern. In the two communities which surround our ministry campuses, Zambrano and Las Palmas, we have committed to assist with emergency food distributions for children, teens, families and the elderly who are at risk of malnutrition or starvation.


To date, we have provided rice, red beans, pastas, oatmeal, corn flour, white flour, dry cereals, soups, milk, and various other food staples to more than 15,000 PEOPLE IN DIRE NEED!


Without your partnership in prayer and financial gifts, these mercy ministries of emergency food distribution would not be able to be a reality.  Thank you for those who have already partnered with us in these life-saving outreaches!  If you would like be a part of this movement to assist the hungry in a grass-roots, effective manner, please email us at: foundationcasadeluz@gmail.com


Because Eternity Matters,



How YOU can get involved

You can be a partner with Casa de Luz!


  • Praise! That God is continuing to be faithful to provide financial resources to purchase emergence food staples to continue on with our distribution of food to families at risk of starvation and malnutrition
  • Continue to pray for the recovery of family members of some of our Casa de Luz children, family members who are infected with Covid-19 and currently fighting their battle against that virus



Would you like your financial gift to make a real difference in the life of a child? Click here to learn more about our Gift-Giving Process



Hundreds of service-minded volunteers have joined with Casa de Luz to give a week of their time to make a difference in the life of a child and bring hope to Honduran families in need. Click here for more information about how to join a CDL Volunteer PERSPECTIVE Service Team and be a part of a life-changing experience!



Looking to experience life on the foreign field? Interested in what it means to be Missionary in Honduras? Click here for more information on how to join us for as a CDL Intern!

The Mission and Vision of Casa de Luz:

The mission of Foundation Casa de Luz is to provide quality child care and academic enrichment to at-risk children while meeting practical, emotional and spiritual needs of each child, their families and their communities.


The vision of Foundation Casa de Luz is to launch and sustain at least one Educational Center or Community Ministry Center in each one of the 18 territories of Honduras within the next 20 years.  This will allow us to leverage our experience and extend our current footprint enabling us to meet the needs of more than 1,800 Honduran children, their families and their respective communities.

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